About Us


Jared Bailey


Jared Bailey is a multi-talented marketing genius specializing in video and social media marketing, as
well as web development. His successes, creativity, and business acumen combine to create business
websites that perform. All Frozen Ozone websites, videos, or social media plans are carefully evaluated,
developed, and strategized with meeting client needs as the number one objective.

As an MBA student at the University of North Florida, Jared worked with the Small Business
Development Center consulting with clients regarding their online marketing presence. Jared has
produced dozens of marketing videos for a multitude of small businesses, two videos which were
featured in the State of Maine Welcome Center. His expertise includes developing social media
strategy, daily internet marketing action plans, and websites for a number of small businesses while
living between Maine and Florida. Jared launched Frozen Ozone Digital Media Solutions in January 2012 to
meet a growing client need for unique websites and social media strategy customized to client goals and
website management experience.

A Florida native, Jared now lives full-time in Jacksonville, where he is able to train for cycling on a year-
round basis.

Jordan Bailey

Chief Designer

Jordan is a database and hard coding expert.  He began his love of computers at the age of 5, when he first fixed the crashed family laptop.  Since then Jordan and computers were inseparable.

Jordan began working in web design by creating numerous websites in his spare time for friends and the local church before being picked up by a Fortune 500 company for his hard coding expertise.  Currently Jordan enjoys watching his clients’ ideas and designs spring to life on the web.

Jordan has lived in Jacksonville since 1995 and enjoys playing frisbee golf with his two kids and dog, chi chi.